Welcome, I hope you enjoy what you find in my blog.

After many years of wandering, exploring, absorbing, and experiencing, I have come to roost in Portland, Oregon. I’ve lived many places and traveled to more, and this may or may not be the place I come to know as “home”. Even so, in this current space of transition and settling in, I find the shifting threads of my life are weaving to a crossroads and asking to be expressed as an integrated whole, a tangible pattern of art and purpose. This blog is, for the moment, one of the ways I am exploring what that expression might look like.

There has never been a time I did not feel a deep interconnectedness as I wrapped my arms around a tree, pressing my cheek to its rough flesh, stood sinking bare toes into cool earth, or floated in the sea’s embrace. I’ve spent much of my life learning about and experimenting with various systems of magick and spirituality as a means of knowing myself, manifesting and expressing that feeling of interconnectedness, and for the sheer joy and love of the process. I’ve been blessed to encounter and for a time walk beside some truly wonderful teachers and guides- beings who walk their talk and lead by example.

I am a registered yoga teacher and a dancer, and am proud to have been a member of the Suhaila Dance Company. I am partnered and married to a wonderful man, and we live with a perpetually happy little dog. I am currently a member and student of Builders of the Adytum and The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.


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